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" We're Blessed to be a Blessing"
It is God's will to bless us. But, an important condition to the blessing promised to Abraham was that he would not only be
blessed, but that he also would be a blessing till all families of the earth be blessed.
Church History

In May 1954. Brother P. Marshall was given permission to start a work in Bridgeport.  
The church was located on Lexington Avenue the church name was Solomon Temple.

In 1958 the church changed pastor, Elder Wesley Jenkins, become the new pastor.   
The church name was changed to Gethsemane Church of Christ.  The church later
relocated to Lindley Street, still under the leadership of Elder Jenkins, with his wife Sister
Mary Jenkins and their five children’s.  The church then relocated to 842 Seaview
Avenue.  In 1973 the Lord blessed Elder Jenkins with a vision to purchase a building, on
1589 Stratford Avenue, where the church is now located.  He labored hard at this work in
serving the Lord until his health failed in August 20, 1989.

In August of 1989, Evangelist Carol P. Lloyd became the acting pastor under the
leadership of Bishop Eugene Redd, until she was installed as full pastor of Gethsemane
Church of Christ of the P.A.W. Inc., on May 20, 1990, and ordained, on June 5, 1992 by
Bishop Eugene Redd, at Bethesda Apostolic, in New Britian, CT.

The church is celebrating its 53rd year rendering services for the Lord. After fifty three
years, and only three pastors, we are still committed to our standards and goals, of
serving God, living holy, glorifying the Lord Jesus in the beauty of holiness and telling
other that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light.  With a vision from the Lord, Pastor
Carol P. Lloyd and saints have worked untiring to keep the doors of the church open.  
Though there were times it seemed as if the doors would be closed, by keeping the faith
and with the help from the Lord, our doors remain open until this day, and we thank the
Lord for the prayers, and help he has sent our way.

A special thanks to the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Connecticut District
Council, Emeritus Bishop Eugene Redd, Bishop Marion Shaw, and Suffragan Bishop
Theodore Brooks, the many Pastors, saints and friends who held us up in prayer and
encouraged us to keep the unadulterated word of the Lord in our hearts.  For many souls
have gone down in Jesus Name, according to Acts 2:38, and many have received the gift
of the Holy Ghost, and to God be the glory.

As of December 31, 2003 by the leading of the Lord, Gethsemane Church of Christ left
the Connecticut District Council, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, With the help of
the Lord we have attained to grow in the Lord.  The church has now changed it's  name
to Gethsemane Deliverance Church of Christ, Inc.

On March 3, 2008 Gethsemane COC merged with Kingdom Builders IM and now we are
United Kingdom International Ministries with Bishop Carol P. Lloyd, Senior Pastor
Kenneth Smith, and First Lady Lisa Smith.
Elder Jenkins &
Mother Jenkins
Bishop Carol P. Lloyd
C. P. L. Ministries